Hamed Rashtian (born 1984 in Tehran) came indirectly to art. Following his study of mathematics he completed courses in philosophy, art history and art critique at the Mahe Mehr Art & Culture Institute in Tehran and ultimately in sculpture. There he attended the classes of Parviz Tanavoli, the pioneer of contemporary sculpture in Iran and worked as his studio assistant.
Notwithstanding his three-dimensional works and talent as a craftsman, one can only do full justice to Rashtian when one considers him first and foremost as a concept artist. His motifs always stem from specific contexts, be they mythology, existing architecture or architectural models, images taken from the media, machine-like objects as models for kinetic sculptures, or text fragments.

1984 Born in Tehran, lives and works in Tehran.
2006–2008 Art studies at the Mahe Mehr Art & Culture Institute, Tehran, and afterwards assistant to Parviz Tanavoli.
Since 2006 solo exhibitions and participations in group exhibitions in Tehran, Dubai, Los Angeles, Paris and Zurich. Various commissioned work for art in public space and art in architecture.