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Hereafter, please find the media releases of AB43 CONTEMPORARY (former AB Gallery) and ORYX FOUNDATION. This charitable organisation, founded in 2011, pools the non-profit-making activities in line with the programmatic slogan "Across Borders". The aim of the ORYX Foundation is to encounter with an open mind the complex cultural region of what is here predominantly the Middle East.

18.09.2017: SEESICHT-Magazin Nr. 04/17

16.06.2017: Basler Zeitung

01.05.2017: ZEITKUNST – Monatszeitung für Kunst & Kultur

18.04.2017: MY LUX BOOK – Park Hyatt Magazine Summer 2017



06.04.2017: TRANSHELVETICA – Die Kunst des Reisens

21.03.2017: Al Ittihad Abu Dhabi – Newspaper

07.03.2017: Zürichsee-Zeitung Bezirk Horgen

10.09.2016: Discover Germany – The Magazine promoting German, Swiss and Austrian lifestyle, travel and business
Across borders / Art and cultural exchanges with the Middle East

29.08.2016: Zürichsee-Zeitung
Ambivalenz subtil versinnbildlicht / Fereydoun Ave,
der Grandseigneur der iranischen Gegenwartskunst zeigt seine neusten Werke innerhalb der Ausstellung «Shah Abbas and His Page Boy»

01.08.2016: Kunsttermine – 
Der Ausstellungsanzeiger · Deutschland · Österreich · Schweiz

05.04.2016: SELECTIONS The Magazine - arts, style and culture from the Arab world and beyond

01.03.2016: ESSAY

01.03.2016: PROFILE

20.11.2015: canvas – art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world

25.09.2015: Art Radar – Contemporary art trends and news from Asia and beyond

13.08.2015: Neue Zürcher Zeitung

06.08.2015: Saiten – Ostschweizer Kulturmagazin

28.07.2015: Elephant Magazine – The Art Culture Magazine

27.07.2015: Zürichsee-Zeitung Obersee

26.07.2015: Neue Luzerner Zeitung

25.07.2015: Zürichsee-Zeitung

23.07.2015: Züritipp

22.07.2015: Der Bund

23.06.2015: Oman Daily Observer

20.04.2015: Emaratalyoum Newspaper

15.04.2014: ART Magazin Germany


19.10.2014: ESSAY

08.05.2014: Handelszeitung

11.03.2014: Contemporary-Practices

09.09.2013: MONOPOL

06.09.2013: Zenith

10.06.2013: Women in Business

01.03.2013: ARTE AL LIMITE

15.02.2013: Neue Luzerner Zeitung

20.11.2012: Revolve Magazine

22.01.2012: Zenith

15.01.2012: canvas – art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world
Beyond the Traditional – AB Gallery’s Heidi and Franz Leupi are not only pioneers in the promotion of Contemporary Middle eastern art in the heart of europe. as Julia Häcki discovers, they are also committed to broadening the concept of the typical ‘white cube’ gallery, offering artist-in-residence programmes and much more.

01.12.2011: Discover ME - German Culture & Business Magazine in the Middle East
Islamische Kunst in der Schweiz – AB Gallery zwischen Osten und Westen. Die AB Gallery mit Sitz in Luzern gibt dieses jähr ihr Debut auf der Abu Dhabi Art Fair. Einzigartig im deutschsprachigen Raum, vertritt diese Galerie Künstlerinnen und Künstler aus der islamischen Welt.

canvas – art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world
TRUTH BE TOLD (HALIM AL-KARIM) – Halim Al-Karim has come a long way since his turbulent youth in politically unstable Iraq, yet the impact of his traumatic experiences lingers in his works. Tala Chukri meets Al-Karim and discusses his works, which are replete with constant reminders of a past better left forgotten.

09.07.2011: Kinki Magazine
Der Grenzgänger – Der Künstler Shahram Entekhabi bewegt sich mit seinen Performances gerne im Grenzbereich. Und hat so auch hierzulande jüngst für Aufsehen gesorgt.

canvas – art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world
Fiere Ascent - Shahriar Ahmadi – Blurring the lines between painting and drawing and figuration and abstraction is at the core of Iranian-born Shahriar Ahmadi’s creative work. Myrna Awad meets him at his studio in a quiet, leafy suburb on the outer edges of Tehran.